Hypnosis can help you release and change many behaviors or states you no longer want to experience.

Release fears with hypnosis

  • fear of public speaking
  • fear of flying
  • fear of elevators or other enclosed spaces
  • fear of certain animals, insects, snakes, etc.
  • any kind of fear that is getting in your way

Release habits with hypnosis

  • nail biting
  • bed wetting
  • procrastination
  • any kind of habit that is affecting your quality of life

Release stress with hypnosis

  • stress relief
  • anxiety relief
  • tension relief
  • stop worrying
  • manage feelings of stress
  • feel more in control in stressful situations
  • relaxation response
  • better sleep

A consultation is required to evaluate your situation and determine the number of sessions that would be required. Typically, we recommend packages of 4 to 6 visits.