Losing weight with hypnosis can be effective even when everything else you’ve tried has not worked. The reason is that hypnosis works with your subconscious mind, which is where your habits and unconscious behavior comes from. Your subconscious mind also stores your limiting beliefs, self sabotaging behaviors, and old programs. It’s often hard to change something when you’re not even sure of what you’re dealing with. 

Hypnosis can help you get out of your own way by working with your subconscious mind rather than fighting against it. And it’s your subconscious mind that really runs the show by running all the programs that run your life whether you realize it or not. 

The Virtual Gastric Band hypnosis for weight loss is a four session program, which is designed to change how you think about food. It will enable you to adopt a new set of eating habits, by making small realistic changes that you can realistically live with. It is not a diet. You eat what you want, but you will be satisfied with smaller amounts.

Portion control is addressed from the very first session, by utilizing the concept of a virtual gastric band. The aim of this is not to make you believe that you’ve actually had gastric band surgery, rather it’s a tool to get you to respond to instinctual signals and stop eating when you feel comfortable.

Many clients who have used hypnosis to lose weight report that they’re only eating a third of the amount they used to eat.

The virtual gastric band weight loss program addresses:

  • emotional eating
  • craving control
  • food choices
  • motivation and exercise
  • metaphors for change
  • goal setting

The average weight loss with hypnosis that a client reports is about 7 pounds in the first week, with 1 – 2 pounds per week after that. Individual results may vary.

Some clients with significant life-long weight issues may benefit more from a different hypnosis protocol to address long-term issues. This will be discussed and determined in a consultation.