Overview of my stop smoking with hypnosis program

This is an overview of the stop smoking program that I use. The first thing you should know is that this specific method has helped thousands of people quit smoking with a success rate of 90-95%. That’s why I can offer a lifetime guarantee which is a back-up session if you’re one of the few that need it.

This process has been used to help thousands of people just like you to give up smoking and become a non-smoker for life. And the best part is that you will quit smoking without cravings or withdrawals. So it will be like you were never a smoker at all. It’s like you just forget to smoke. And you easily adopt your new identity as a non-smoker.

And NO WEIGHT GAIN! Because there’s no voice in the back of your head telling you to smoke and no cravings so you don’t feel the urge to reach for food to take the place of cigarettes. You are just free! 


Step 1 – we will meet and have a chat at the desk about what you brought you into my office. We’ll go over your client intake form, which has questions that will inform our work together.


Step 2 – We’ll sign paperwork and take care of payment. This sets you up for success since it creates a hypnotic contract. Money is symbolic and making a payment is an energetic exchange that helps solidify your commitment to yourself and achieving the results you want.


Step 3 – I’ll explain briefly what will happen during the process. Then I’ll do some muscle testing to make sure I can work with you neurologically. And if your system is overcharged, we’ll do a simple exercise to clear it.


Step 4 – I’ll have you watch a video that will explain everything that will happen during the process. Recording it helps me make sure I cover everything the same way for everyone and don’t miss anything. This helps you know what to expect and feel like a full partner in the process.


Step 5 – Then I’ll work with your neurological system for about 15 minutes, which is where we’ll identify the problem, reverse it, and clear it.


And you’ll be a non-smoker before you ever sit in the chair for hypnosis. Your body will clearly indicate it. You will feel it. And you will know it. It’s an amazing thing to experience first hand.


Step 6 – You’ll move over to the recliner where we’ll do the hypnosis together. That’s just like sitting back and listening to me tell you a story. You are not going to fall asleep, cluck like a chicken, or turn into a zombie. You’ll just feel very, very relaxed.


Step 7 – After you emerge from hypnosis, we’ll have another brief chat. Then I’ll use muscle testing again to prove that your system is clear and you’re now a non-smoker.


Step 8 – I’ll recommend a couple of specific supplements to support your body with the change to being a non-smoker. One of them is a blend of herbs and nutrients to cleanse, detox, and repair your liver from the toxins in cigarettes. The other is a blend of nutrients that help manage stress, prevent weight gain, and prevent cravings of all kinds, even for carbs and sugar. I’ll send you a link to purchase these supplements through Amazon, which makes it really easy for you.


And when you stand up to leave it will be like before you ever smoked. No cravings, no withdrawal. And I guarantee that for life. That means if someone’s cravings ever come back, if they ever pick up another cigarette for any reason, they can come back and see me for free. I’m able to do that and stay in business because so few people actually need a back-up session (only 5%).


So now that you know the overview of the process, you can see why it’s different than just hypnosis alone. This protocol involves working with the body and neurological system in addition to the hypnosis. Plus, even though I only need you to be in hypnosis for about 20 minutes, I’m giving you 40 minutes to make it even more effective. And the supplements provide additional support.


And that’s it! Then you’re on your merry way into your new life as a non-smoker and saving all that money and enjoying better health.


Thanks for being here. I bless you and I look forward to working with you. You are worthy of receiving all good things in life.